Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Soil and tomatoes

Spring is here and the gardens are about to burst into life.
Time to amend the soil with planting composts and wetting agents,such as Debco saturaid and Seasol super soil wetter .
Pea straw also a soil improver.
We have Amgrow biogrow as a soil improver(3 for $24).
Debco certified organic compost for improving your soils(3 for $33).
Improving your soils now will assist the plants that you'll be planting in the spring and hold them through the summer months, making sure the water gets down to the roots system.

Drop in and see our full range of tomatoes if we don't have a variety you are looking for then it is not available over twenty varieties of tomatoes to chose form.
Heirloom varieties and diggers varieties of tomatoes available now for $3.48ea.

Also have a full range of strawberries available now $3.98.



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